ANDREW HARVEY – How to Connect Directly With the Divine

About Andrew Harvey

Born in Coimbatore, India / 1952 (month and date unavailable) / Author, Religious Scholar, Mystic. Andrew Harvey is a poet, writer, teacher and scholar of mystic traditions. He envisions true spirituality to be the divinisation of earthly life through spiritual practice, which can take many forms and be derived from various religious traditions. He is a former fellow at All Souls College, University of Oxford, UK, and has taught at many colleges and universities including Cornell University, Hobart College and The California Institute of Integral Studies. For the last thirty years, Harvey has traveled widely, living in India, London, Paris, New York and San Francisco, studying, teaching and conducting workshops and seminars. A prolific writer, Harvey has authored or co-authored over thirty books including, Hidden Journey, The Return of The Mother, A Journey in Ladakh, The Essential Mystics, The Son of Man, and his latest book, The Direct Path. Harvey’s focus since 2005 has been the advocacy of what he terms “sacred activism”. He is the founder and director of The Institute of Sacred Activism, which trains leaders and social justice advocates. Harvey describes sacred activism as “the product of the union of a profound spiritual and mystical knowledge, understanding, and compassion, peace and energy with focused, wise, radical action in the world”. For more information go to Andrew Harvey – Institute for Sacred Activism™.

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