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Meet Your Editor in Chief – Fern Olivia

Welcome to Luminosity,

I’m Fern Olivia and I am an international Conscious Lifestyle Expert, writer, and founder of Thyroid Yoga® and TV host of Sensual Intelligence. Over the years I’ve combined my education in Biomedical Engineering and studies in yoga and Integrative Nutrition to deliver knowledge on the power of Integrative Medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices to anyone who is looking to align with their most vibrant selves and is ready to step into their power. I’m now thrilled to be here as your Editor in Chief extending the blessings to you via the medium of Luminosity.

The mission with Luminosity is to hone in on the most respected Luminaries from around the globe – think Marianne, to Deepak, to Ekhart – we’ve created an online destination to access their teachings all in one place. It’s all the resources you need to give yourself a boost in an instant and to kick you up a notch propelling you forward on your own highest caliber path.

Our aim is to create a daily pit-stop for the modern spiritualist to check in and ‘get a hit.’ Whether they may need a gentle reminder, an inspirational quote, or a dose of spiritual medicine to remind them why they’re here at this very moment in time and space. There’ll always be something to lift you up higher and a helping hand to pull you up out of the mud if you need it.

Expect to see original writing breaking down what it means to be ‘spiritual’ in the 21st century. We’re here to demystify the times and get you out of the confusion and headspin that comes hand-in-hand with the Information Age. Helping you to get savvy with the esoteric renegades and spiritual mavericks of our time, who they are, and how they’re leading the forefront with the information they’ve brought down.

Luminosity is here to take the fatigue out of where to go in search of your daily spiritual lift. We’re distilling down all the greatest teachings of our times and providing a guidebook on how to navigate the tides and steer your ship. We’re here to help you customize lofty ideas and ground them down into the day-to-day experience of being a modern human being.

We’re interested in the seminal teachings from the world’s greatest influencers in Wellness and Spirituality, and taking a real down-to-earth look on how to apply their teachings into our own lives i.e. how can we download their downloads. We’re here to help solidify their teachings into our own lives in accessible, real ways.

For example what does it mean when Marianne Williamson says “Remember you are the faucet, not the water.” Or when Ekhart Tolle says “You are not your mind.” There is no shame or chagrin in not really knowing what these mean, and moreover, how we can then weave these golden threads of wisdom into our own lives in tangible ways. No longer must we leave them as whimsical thoughts that put a smile on our faces yet are never implicated further than the screenshot taken on our phone that gets buried deep in our photo album.

We are so lucky because we get to decide. And we are blessed because we have the power and capacity to transform ourselves on a physical and emotional plane and in doing so we elevate ourselves on a spiritual plane. We get to be our own gurus, and take on board only what works for us as individuals. Only what lifts us up, gives zeal to our lives and at the end of the day – gives us more energy. We work the times, don’t let the times work you – this is what Luminosity is here for in a nutshell!

To elevate others we must first elevate ourselves… Check-in at luminositylove.com and on Instagram from any of your connected devices for a spiritual hit.


Fern Olivia

More on Fern Olivia

Fern Olivia created Thyroid Yoga®, a unique approach to supporting thyroid health that has changed the lives of thousands of women and men around the world.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid disease in 2008, Fern Olivia was inspired by the lack of western medical knowledge about holistic lifestyle practices for hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and autoimmune conditions.

Thyroid Yoga® has been endorsed by leading medical doctors as a proven way to help restore thyroid function and balance hormones. In addition to teaching, retreats, events, and speaking on the topics of holistic health and self-expression, her thyroid course is a best-seller on MindBodyGreen and she trains wellness leaders and practitioners in her Thyroid Yoga® immersion, available internationally.

Fern also created Sensual Intelligence TV to guide you to reconnect to your primal nature and reclaim and irrevocable partnership with your soul. As well as being the founder of Ajai Alchemy, an all organic essential oil fragrance brand specifically formulated with synergistic hormone balancing and aphrodisiac benefits. Through her authentic storytelling, media platforms, and contributions to well-known publications Fern Olivia has inspired a mass movement of conscious self-expression and healing.

Thanks to the wisdom imparted to Fern from her teachers and the powerful lineages of yoga and integrative medicine, she is no longer at the mercy of the diagnosis of a Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid condition and is feeling empowered and adoring life in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Today, Fern works with clients through Personal Retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica, and virtual Thyroid Yoga® sessions and trainings available globally. Connect with Fern on instagram @fernolivia and Facebook.