Doreen Virtue

“Detoxing your life from lower energies and unhealthy substances allows you to more clearly hear the voice of the Divine. You’ll start to hear these heavenly messages very clearly, which will help you discern what your life purpose involves so that you can take guided action as you progress on your path.”

Often detoxification and purification rituals were done in preparation for all sorts of rituals, divination, prayer, shamanic journey, and vision quests.

When you arrive on Earth, you’re given one precious body. This is the vessel that carries your soul for the duration of this lifetime you are given. Your sacred body is your tool for fulfilling what you came here to do, and you must care for it, as it cannot be replaced. When you’re born, you commit to sacred contracts for your life purpose. As you progress through life, you’ll uncover what those purposes are. They fall into two categories as luminary Doreen Virtue explains, personal and global. Everyone is born with an individual, personal purpose. That may be learning how to communicate fearlessly, become independent and sovereign, becoming comfortable with receiving, or finding abundance and financial security. Global purposes are issued to those who have a mission that benefits the lives of others and include being a healer or spiritual guide, writing books, protecting the environment, inventing a product that will serve humanity, or being an advocate and voice to create a movement that will empower our planet.

It is our job to complete our purpose within the space of this lifetime – if not, we will be sent back to Earth to complete the same lessons again. By completing our Divine mission now, we will be rewarded with greater joy, happiness, fulfillment and love.

Detoxing our life from lower energies and unhealthy substances gives us the power to hear the voice of Divine – Higher Self, angels, mentors, and spiritual guides. When we have a clear vessel, we begin to hear those messages very clearly, which help to discern what our life purpose involves as we take guided action on our path.

Detoxing improves our own well-being, heightens our intuition, clears emotions trapped in our physical body, gives us abundant energy, and inspires everyone around us to see that health and living and illuminated life is possible.

If you have been experiencing persistent health problems, either physical or emotional, your liver may be congested with toxic compounds that are trapped within deposits of hardened bile (intrahepatic gallstones). Almost every health condition, beauty problem and premature aging are closely linked with declined liver performance which is elusive to blood tests. Congestion in the bile ducts of the liver undermines the body’s effort to make proper use of ingested food and vital energy. This, in turn, may lead to accentuated expressions of discomfort, including fear, anger, impatience, greed, depression, anxiety, and dis-ease. Cleansing the liver of existing obstructions and impurities can help restore balance, vitality and happiness in every facet of your life.

The liver cleanse is one of the most important and powerful procedures to regain or improve your health and raise the body’s vibration. By reopening the bile ducts, the body?s energy circuit becomes restored and healing can take place on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Ancient healing systems including Ayurveda, Mayan Herbalism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine do not differentiate between physical and spiritual health, as all is connected. Detox methods including juice fasting, eating clean, organic and plant-based, and cleansing the liver continue to be used not only for physical health, but also to aid one’s spiritual work.

When you give your body a chance to take a break from breaking down foods, then it has time to recuperate and rejuvenate. Your organs don’t have to be focused on digestion and breaking down food and potential toxins. Fasting gives your body a chance to recharge, boosting your natural energy and reducing inflammation, bloating & excess weight while enhancing skin, breath, and radiance.

Once clear, you’ll notice yourself free from brain fog and will feel a burst of energy and deeper connection to your mental clarity and intuition.

Energetically, the liver is where we house anger, resentment, and shame. So as the liver is kicked into action, we may feel moody, upset, and emotional. These symptoms clear within hours or a few days, though if they persist, consult with your naturopath or medical practitioner to ensure your detox is balanced. Journal your experiences and write down any questions you have, such as “Why am I experiencing fatigue today?” or “What is this pain I’ve been experiencing around my left hip crease?” Wait for your Higher Self to provide you with the answers.

Your angels, spirit guides and higher self are all desiring for you to live life embracing your true health and feel the boundless liberation that only comes with true physical, emotional and spiritual freedom, and alignment with your soul.

They want you to clear your body of chronic illness, pain, and exhaustion, and experience your life filled with vibrancy, energy, and joy – and they are here to help you to release the poisons that have been holding you back. They are thrilled to witness your revival. They are waiting for you to call upon them to support you through this process of purification.

If you are open to receiving the guidance of your guardian angels, they will come in to assist and support you. Speak out loud as you proclaim with full belief of your words: “Angels, please give me a clear sign in the physical world that I will easily notice and understand to let me know i’ve correctly heard you.”

If detoxing from sugar, alcohol, or a substance is something you are working on through this cleanse, you can ask your angels to guide you to eliminate your desire from these items.

The angels cannot violate your free will, and can only help if you ask. Letting go of addictions, unhealthful lifestyle habits, and unbalanced friendships heightens your connection to the angelic realm, as you’ll release the psychic fog created by toxins.

This fog is created by chemicals and toxic energies, so the angels urge you to let this go and they want to see you clear.

As you call your angels in to assist you in making choices that serve your highest purpose and align with your soul’s gift on this planet, you’ll notice that your craving for beautiful, nourishing foods increase and you are less drawn to foods and substances that create disharmony in your body.

You’ll heighten your connection to your intuition and the spiritual realm, as you let go of addictions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and unbalanced friendships. Releasing what is no longer serving you will strengthen your connection to the angelic realm, as you’ll release the psychic fog created by toxins.

So please listen to your Higher Self as it guides you along the path of detoxification. The angels are helping you accomplish this right now.

Your angels are invested in you and the fulfillment of your purpose. Call on them – they are waiting for you to.

Taking control of your health is a revolutionary act of love for yourself and for the planet.

Our planet is crying out for you to live a life of freedom aligned with your voice, your truth. You are supported and guided. Believe this, and you’ll be astounded at the miracles that greet you.

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