Matt Kahn

“Everything is here to help you.”

Guest post by Sabrina Riccio, (Shiv Inder Kaur) is a speaker, modern medicine priestess, Soulistic Business Mentor and host of one of the top 50 Spiritual Podcasts, the Sovereign Society Podcast.

Welcome to the new paradigm. Whatever it is you’re going through, understand that it’s all here to help you. Whatever it is you experience, you are witnessing it to help and support not just you, but humanity at large. Everything is here to help you. To help all of us. It’s all love or an opportunity for love. This is what I’ve learned since being struck by lightning and having to relearn what it meant to be a leader and what it means to be here now. Safe to say, I wouldn’t be as far as I am today if it weren’t for Luminary Matt Kahn.

Matt Kahn is one of the greatest new paradigm teachers who has gone through it all. He’s understood that it’s not about being a victim to our circumstances, rather, it’s about becoming victorious. Through his Love Revolution movement via YouTube, he inspires and activates millions of people to cut through the illusion and illuminate the world with our love, our purpose, and the truth of who we are. Sharing his transmissions, storytelling, and passion for the evolution for humanity, Matt Kahn  is also the author of two best selling books, Whatever Arises, Love That and Everything is Here to Help You. He understands that the era of Spiritual Bypassing is not just over, but it’s unsustainable in the New Paradigm. There’s no more time to play small. We must come together and Rise.

Remember, everything is here to help you.We have the tendency of being our own worst enemy, especially when we find ourselves feeling triggered from repressed pain. This is what came up for me after having to rewire and realign to my Truth and highest self. Pain from childhood, deep depression, anxiety, and even beliefs that weren’t mine, all if it was up for renegotiating after my whole life crumbled like the Tower of Tarot.

For you to truly show up and actualize your desires, you must be willing to dive in deep and make space for the new to come in.  By addressing the stories, beliefs, insecurities, and self-doubt, you begin to release these denser frequencies. In doing so, you allow your energy to soar and align to your visions, goals, dreams, and desires. The journey to heal and transmute what doesn’t serve can be challenging and uncomfortable. What’s on the other side, though, is always far beyond our wildest dreams. I can testify this from my own experience after my initiation in 2012 with the bolt and experience that would forever shift the trajectory of my life.

As we continue to carry through in this Aquarian Age post 2012, there are new energetic patterns and ways of being to experience. Truth be told, most of what we’re carrying isn’t even ours! Through our DNA, we carry deep ancestral karma and the deep wisdom of our ancestors who’ve come before us. When it comes to the wounds and pain from society programmed through media and propaganda, you have the power to wake up from the illusion and follow your heart. Through your willingness, you have the power to be the sacred disruptor that says no more. It takes you choosing, believing and being the best version of you through persistence, willingness, commitment, and devotion. All of this has been perfect. The power is in your hands.

Each us came here to fulfill our Divine Mission. You carry a you-unique set of talents, gifts, blessings and energetic codes that are part of the bigger picture as to why you’re here and why you are placed in situations, relationships, and experiences. Being a hue-man is a blessing and with that blessing, you have the opportunity to experience the whole range of emotions. These emotions are simply energy-in-motion that can trigger those repressed feelings, hurts, and pains. When you look back at the more unpleasant or challenging moments, it takes you understanding that all of it has happened for you, not to you. Whatever it is you’ve endured, there’s a purpose behind it all. You have the opportunity to heal and thrive by slowing down, honoring what’s arising, and listening to the emotions that come up to the surface. Your experience and what supported you becomes your medicine and now is the time for you to share it with the world. There is no accident why we incarnated during this wild time in human history. Each of us has the capacity to thrive and conquer. To succeed, it takes us having the courage and willingness to face whatever arises with strength, charisma, and confidence.

Through the process and willingness to dive in deep, we begin to discover the root of the suffering that’s been playing over and over in our mind.  The mind is a powerful force and there’s no denying that Mental Health is one of the greatest challenges humanity is currently facing. I’ve been there too. Many of us have been there and continue to struggle. I can share through experience, the Universe will always give you what you can handle. As you embark on the journey, you’ll begin to recognize that all is unfolding as it should according to Divine Timing. Self care and radical self love can take you far. The secret behind it all lies in the truth that it takes you becoming a vibrational match to what it is you’re calling in. The Universe is answering the call by helping you become your highest self. While resources and support continue to arise, this is an opportunity for us to come together and support those who’ve been struggling and have been asking for help. We are here to lead by example and walk the talk. As you share with the world that what you’ve experience has helped you become the person you are today, you inspire those who’ve been struggling that they can conquer and accomplish anything if they too put their heart and soul into it.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve endured, pain is pain. There is no hierarchy of pain. If it’s been hindering you, it’s important to get radically honest and do the work to transmute that pain and trauma into triumph. You doing the work cuts the collective pain body that’s weighs heavy over humanity as a whole. You have the power to cut the cord, rewrite your mind, and to begin to see that Everything is Here to Help You. As you work through it, gain the strength and wisdom, and experience the growth, you’ll begin to see just how powerful you really are and just how important your presence and being really matters.

Rather than being the victim of my circumstances, I chose to be victorious and to inspire the masses through my story, honoring my journey and believing that EVERYTHING is here to help you, even when you can’t see it or understand it in the beginning. It’s a journey of faith, a testament of patience, and willingness to thrive. What’s stronger than any pain or trauma from the past is our faith and the power of our heart. Question everything and you’ll find yourself embarking on the path of sovereignty. This is what I’ve learned over the years. In this space, true freedom reigns and this is what you’ve been calling in. To get there, allow yourself to get radically real about your beliefs and the thoughts that have been running the show. Are they supporting your Divine Mission and Purpose, or are they hindering your light? Now is the time to shine on and be the light you wish to see in the world.


Sabrina Riccio (Shiv Inder Kaur) is a speaker, modern medicine priestess, Soulistic Business Mentor and host of one of the top 50 Spiritual Podcasts, the Sovereign Society Podcast. Her passion + mission is to activate Spiritual Leaders to honor all facets of their hue-man experience + share their medicine with the world in order to cultivate a conscious generation. Sabrina offers online experiences, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshops, and private experiences to help soul seekers align and cultivate a life far beyond their wildest dreams.

Images courtesy of Matt Kahn

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