Alberto Villoldo

“To an Earthkeeper, love is not a feeling or something you barter with. Love is the essence of who you are, and it radiates from you as a brilliant aura: You become love, practice fearlessness, and attain enlightenment.”

Love is not achieved through another. It is attained through ourselves. It is something we must embody; and therefore become.

If we really want to open up the spiritual dimension – attain enlightenment – then we must become obsessed, irrevocably, without a doubt, steadfast in our belief of love: how much we are loved, surrounded by love and experience love in our very waking. Because you and I, at our core: are love. It is as simple, or as complicated, as that.

My life, healing work, and journey into a loving relationship with my soul have been deeply impacted by by Alberto Villoldo and his wisdom in One Spirit Medicine and The Heart of the Shaman. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience as a medical anthropologist – as well as his own journey back from death – acclaimed shamanic teacher Alberto Villoldo has been a great influence in my own life on how to connect with Spirit and my personal shamanic healing practice, to the earth, and to a renewed sense of purpose and love.

“When described in popular films or even between lovers, parents or friends, love is explained as a feeling. For the shaman, this is not so.”

Right now, in this moment, our souls have created the opportunity for us to be, do and have what it takes to know who we really are. Our souls chose this experience in what we recognize as the third dimension. We have been given this life so that we may know ourselves in our own experience – for we cannot be what we do not know ourselves to be and we are always limited by our knowingness. Once we can conceive ourselves as who we really are, we can endeavor upon creating ourselves as that in our experience – our life. And who we really are; is pure love.

“Love is the way a flower feels for the morning dew which nourishes it. It can be found between the jaguar and the deer it hunts to feed her cubs.

Like gravity, love is a force you cannot escape?it is everywhere and still you cannot see it.

Somehow it holds the ability to pull on us and lead us in acts of both courage and foolishness beyond our wildest imaginings.

The sages believed that love is the singular force in the universe that all of creation arises from, and that every beautiful thing you create in your life comes from it.

Above all, love is the power of the Primordial Light, what we call Spirit, and it responds to us every time we call upon It.”

A breakdown of the ways in which we try to attain love:

That we are love: is a deep-rooted knowing within each and every one of us. However often we are too clouded over and engrained with societal belief-systems to even recognize that love is the essence of who we are. Though for those of us furrowing away to de-condition ourselves from all that isn’t truly us and traveling down the road less trodden; it’s just under the surface.

Perhaps even a way one may try to attain love is by publicly identifying themselves as something. A specific word, being, subculture, stereotype. However, many of these things perpetuate a deep-seated internal stress and emotional discontent of living inauthentic life. Trying to keep up with an identity that society has built, or perhaps you’ve built yourself, glorifies only emotional discontent and not the glorious, magnificent real you. Enough!

It is through groups, cliques, or stereotypes that we may consolidate with to resonate with our own individual truth. At the same time, they may also not serve us. They may serve to lick our wounds and boost our maladaptive patterns we have attained from earlier human experiences. We need to ask ourselves if what we’re doing contributes to the grandest vision of what we hold for ourselves. We need to ask if what we are doing creates ourselves as effervescent love.

Or perhaps you were made to feel special upon achieving certain accolades, rewards or goals as a child, felt loved by your parents for this, and as a result learned that this is how you ‘achieve love’ thus subconsciously scheming your entire life around keeping up to this habitual paradigm.

Another way in which we attempt to become love is through loving another. Our impulse to unite with a partner is an unconscious attempt to reunite with the split-off parts of our Self which we project onto the partner. This bond is achieved through the admiration in our partner of the aspects of our own Self that have been split-off and disowned, which in due restores a sense of personal wholeness, and further, a remembrance of our oneness with the Universe. This gives our relationships great spiritual potential, and the ability to open ourselves to the spiritual dimension.

When we are split off from parts of ourselves, we get blindsided from our essential union with the Universe. Our quest for personal wholeness through the union of another – a lover/partner – is our search for personal wholeness and a reunion of these split-off parts. We vicariously reunite with and live these split parts through the partner’s embodiment of them, and when this is achieved it restores awareness of our union with the Universe.

The separation from essential aspects of ourselves is caused by the repressive aspect of socialization. It’s what we’ve unconsciously absorbed from external sources – compasses outside of ourselves – and imprinted onto our blueprint. Yet they’re not inherently us. Socialization is basically everything we’ve picked up from our parents, our teachers, our peers, past relationships, and the media. It’s where we have been told we’re ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ because in that circumstance it was deemed unacceptable, and thus we repress these ‘unloveable’ aspects of ourselves.

The truth is – we are totally lovable and loved by Spirit for all our ‘flaws,’ ‘imperfections’ and ‘shadows.’ Furthermore, we are mirrors in our relationships to witness ourselves and evolve with another. This holds true for relationships with family, friends, business partners, and lovers.

Relationships are vehicles for growth and healing.

A relationship with one who knows the completeness and wholeness of his or her soul – and knows they are are mirror to our own divine love, rather than serving to complete us – will offer elevation and expansion in this union. This is the purpose of all love: Freedom.

This is the ultimate healing our souls came here to receive.

Love is unconditional, and a karmic partner who can mirror and witness us for who we truly are, support us as we work through our karma, and love us for who we truly are, will serve as a beautiful reflection of the unconditional love our own soul craves from us during our journey to freedom.

To feel love, always, independently and inter-dependently, is true spiritual evolution.

To feel safe to express love, for ourselves and others, will gift us with the ability to live harmoniously in our lives, aligned with our dharma, our soul’s purpose.

This is our responsibility as awakened humans on this Earth.

This is the medicine that our planet is so desperately seeking.

“Everyone can awaken from this dream where they no longer need to experience love through another. It is completely possible for you to wake up understanding you do not need anything to make you happy, and find yourself happy for no reason at all. There is work to be done to experience love this way and not down an easy road; but it is worth it, just to bask in the truth that love simply is.” – Alberto Villoldo

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