Elena Brower

Every time you take care of yourself, you’re taking care of all of us.

Rituals bring us into alignment with who we really are and showing up for ourselves makes a declaration that we are committed to our own success and well-being.

The practice of incorporating a daily morning ritual can be life transforming.  Creating the space to set yourself up for the day is so much more than just ticking off boxes on a to-do list.  It’s making a statement: “I’m grateful to take care of myself because I care about myself.” It’s gifting yourself the time you deserve, honoring your body and your needs, and filling your cup up so that you can serve from a place of fullness.

The brilliant Elena Brower states, “Every time you take care of yourself, you’re taking care of all of us” and this couldn’t resonate as a deeper truth. Self-care is not selfish, in fact it’s nearly the opposite. It is a necessity that we are showing up for ourselves every day and routinely doing things that light us up, bring joy, and harbor success. It is in the small daily habits that we consistently turn to everyday which will ultimately add up to big results in our lives as a whole.

A particular daily ritual practice that encompasses the connection back to ourselves we all desperately (and oftentimes unknowingly) crave is that from the work of Elena Brower called Practice You. Elena created this beautiful and soul nourishing journal prompt book (later expanded into a card deck and podcast series) as a way for us to get back in touch with our inner wisdom and creative nature. The practice is a map to our highest selves and an invitation for us to peel back the layers to uncover our authentic selves and truths. Elena originally founded Practice You based on her own transformative experiences through journaling in which she explains, “Whenever I’ve needed direction, strength, or centering, I’ve so often turned to my own journals. Why? Because many of the answers we seek are found within ourselves.”

Along with Practice You, Elena also integrates a daily Sadhana practice, meditation, a few yoga poses (either from Dona Holleman‘s Practice Manual, Katonah Yoga, or studies with Yogarupa Rod Stryker) and then just simply chooses 3 main tasks to accomplish for the day – anything else is seen as extra special.

Elena has been incorporating daily rituals into her life for years and not only attributes the consistent practice to much of her personal success, but also to the prosperity of her ever so thriving DoTerra business throughout the years.  When asked about the best business advice she’s ever received, Elena states, “Wake up early and take care of yourself so your business can thrive.

Our mornings set our tone for the entire day so it’s easy to see why so many leaders and successful entrepreneurs (such as Elena) develop a routine and highly suggests everyone do so! It doesn’t have to look exactly like Elena’s as we are all such unique individuals so experimenting with different options is key to find what works best for your personal physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Romancing yourself and doing something daily to remind yourself that you are worthy can be the most decadent gift you give yourself.  Life can get pretty hectic pretty quickly, but there is always an opportunity to find our way home. In the words of Elena, “May our actions make it less difficult for another today.”


Counting blessings, offering respect, learning how to listen.

Clumsily prayerful most mornings, I lay out my stones like a little girl with high hope and a clear vision.

May we learn how to talk with each other rather than at each other.

May we remember that there are many sides to every story; may we practice turning over each one until we can begin to feel into what others are experiencing before we try to fix it.

May we keep our kindness as our primary objective.

May we release perfection and ease to let in the hard things, the difficulty.

May we call on movement and meditation to bring us closer to our fragilities, our uncertainties, our similarities.” – Elena Brower

Images courtesy of Elena Brower

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